It's a good thing my mom has grandkids or I'd really be the baby of this family!  Although I am ten years old, I still get BABYsat occasionally.  I have a lot of interestes and probably more photos of me around here than anyone could ever want to see, but my mom will include a bunch of them anyway.  Hope you don't get too bored with reading about me.  Maybe someday she'll let me post some of my artwork!  I think I'm a pretty good artist for my age.
I mostly like to draw made-up characters of fantasy and such.  I like the Harry Potter stories, magic and mystical creatures and using my mind to figure out legos, computer games, and stuff.
Yellowtone park-summer of 2000
I like to golf too!
I don't like Poke-mon, and don't participate in sports, mainly because I don't know how, I guess.  But I like to ride my bike, and I love going to Disneyland!  I also like to play with magic cards--the game.
My friend Mickey
Last summer (2000) we went to Yellowstone National Park and to Disneyland all in one long vacation.  It was really fun!
I'll climb almost anything!
Hi!  I was born 20 October 1990.  Now I'm in the fourth grade at Oak Creek Elementary School.
Goofy is cool too!
Daycamp-summer of 2000
Practically every photo here is from this past summer except some of the  climbing ones!  I keep pretty busy don't I?  During the school year it is mostly school, scouting, and--after homework -- nintendo or computer games, plus I like reading books and visiting my dad on alternate weekends.
I mentioned that I think I'm a pretty good artist?  Well they apparently think so at my school too, because this is an award I got for being a good artist.  Now maybe mom will let me put some of my pictures on for you to see....?
I like the activities in scouting and getting to do stuff with the other boys in the den and pack.  It's been fun doing pinewood derbies and stuff too even though I haven't won many of the races!  I like Webelos because there are lots of hands-on projects and I like to do stuff with my hands!
Hanging with Donald
Did I happen to mention that I like wizardry and magical stuff?  I'm trying to redo my entire bedroom with dragons and crystal balls, skulls and cool stuff like that.  Mom hasn't been very cooperative though....We're working on it..
I have some dragon figurines, and a really neat strobe ball with lightning effects.
Riding horses
I love Mexican Food!!
I also got to take a long horseback ride while in Yellowstone park.  It was a really cool trail with views that not many people get to see!
I got to celebrate my birthday by going out for Mexican dinner (my favorite food!) with my family and doing a party there with David since his birthday is four days after mine.  We had to wear silly hats for photos and they tried to put whip cream on my nose, but I wasn't about to allow it!
My award for artistic ability
The Dark Wizard
Looks pretty hard, huh?
I must be part monkey!
Here I go climbing, again!
I really miss my brother Ryan.  He's in New York serving a mission for our church.  We used to do lots of cool stuff together.  This is a tree just below the rocks at Stonehenge in Washington State.  We both like to climb.  He's better at it than me.
I like to do art work.
Thanks for visiting!  Hope you enjoyed it.
Below are some cool websites that I like.
Hope you have fun checking out!
My walking stick
Some of these photos (the climbing ones)  have "roll-overs" behind them.  Touch with the cursor to check!
Enjoy the magic!
A lot of the websites listed here are about illusions and stuff that is amazing to me.  I like things that seem magical and mystical and out of this world.  And I like learning about the world around me by studying science and stuff like that.  So there are lots of other places to go, but this should keep you busy.  I'll let my mom share some of the other sites with other family members, I guess.  Keep on learning!!



***Some of the new stuff around here:  An awesome tree fort that I "helped" build.  Mostly ideas.  It's a fun place to be.  Also I have earned my Gospel in Action award (memorized the 13 Articles of Faith finally), so I earned a robotic lego kit which is also a lot of fun to learn.  I am doing well in school and in scouting, and have LOTS of friends coming over as often as our parents will allow to play in the treefort and on the XBox that we got for Christmas in 2001.  Life is good!
First Elevator Tests
IT IS DEFINITELY TIME FOR A NEW PAGE FOR ME NOW!  I am beginning Middle School in a couple of weeks and this is sooooooooooooo outdated now!  Time to show how much I am growing up now.  Not the little kid anymore.  Sorry Mom.  I'm almost as tall as you now too!  Just give me a couple of months ...
I think the grandchildren have taken over.  I'm starting high school this fall, and I've still got a grade-school page up.  What kind of conspiracy is this?  Oh, yeah.  Nothing in my life has changed,  to write about.  Except that I'm a lot taller....and harder to get photos of because I'm also a lot faster!  HA! HA!

However, if you want to play "Where's WALDO", you can find photos of Sebastian sprinkled throughout the site!