RYAN Paul Derek Salway was born 28 January 1980 in Albany, OR.  He attended two years at Pleasant Valley Preschool before moving to Troutdale, OR.  There he attended kindergarten and first grade at Sweet Briar Elementary.  The family then moved to Hillsoro where he went to Peter Boscow until a new elementary school was completed.  He finished sixth grade at Jackson, endearing most of the staff to him with his cheerful attitude and willingness to help.
Ryan is a peacemaker who helps calm others and he has a generous gift for giving of his humor and artistic talents.  He has always been a very self-actualized person, with self confidence and an upbeat personality.  He has also always been very in tune with nature and seems to be often adopting critters in the wild such as field mice, chipmunks, rabbits, frogs and such.
When he moved to Hillsboro he began taking gymnastics classes, which he pursued for the next five years, excelling in men's events on his team.  He won a state medal for his parallel bars routine when he was ten, and was one of the top scorers on his team until receiving injuries that set him back some.
Ryan also attained the Arrow of Light award in Cub Scouting during this time.  He attended Poynter Junior High, followed by Glencoe High School where he pursued his art studies.
Ryan's art abilities lean toward very detailed, action-packed pen sketches of comic book heroes.  He has enjoyed sculpture, woodworking, and other forms of art, but seems to prefer color blending and doing fantasy drawings and nature sketches. 
He served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints living in the region of Utica, New York during July 1999-July 2001.  He attended classes at Portland Community College and worked for Frame Central in the variety of stores in the Portland metro area.  He served as Sunday School President in his singles ward before moving to Idaho to attend BYU there.  He is taking some basic business courses and hoping go discover what he want to do with his life.
Mission bound!
Saying Goodbye....
Ryan was our homebody, so it was difficult to say goodbye and believe that he wouldn't be there hanging out at the house whenever anyone stopped by.  He is dearly missed whenever he's away.
A common position
State bronze medal
Ryan with another critter
age nine-parallel bars
Man of Adventure
Like his "twin"  (**) sister Kandle, born two years before him, Ryan loves adventure and physical activity.
Rockclimbing practice
The spider crawl
Just hanging out
I tend to like to climb things.
Christmas with Mom
Christmas 2000 in the mission field
That's all for now.  Thanks for visiting.   I enjoyed my visit back to New York state in the summer of 2002, and am now settled at BYU Idaho for a while.
Missionaries are allowed to call home on Christmas and Mother's Day only. 
Cool and casual
I'm not computer literate yet, but my mom thinks these sites are somewhat "characteristic" of me.
Hope you enjoy them.  I'll check them out later.
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I did this picture in 1999 while still in highschool and gave it to my mom.  In 2002, I framed it for her for Mothers' Day since I know how and get employee cost on it all!
Back to Mayermoos
**(Ryan and Kandle were often referred to as twins due to their being close in age and looking and acting so much alike in their pursuits of active competition and likes and dislikes.)
He was offered $800 for this BEFORE framing it.
Artwork by Ryan....VERY SLOW LOADING
Sarah and Ryan
A very special and wonderful person has agreed to spend the rest of eternity with me!  We plan to be sealed in her home town at the Albuquerque New Mexico temple on 27 December 2003.  We will then return to BYU Idaho to complete more schooling before hopefully moving to Oregon to find employment and make our home together.