Joe and Michael Mayer have aged a bit since their days on the "I Love Lucy" show when starring together as "Little Ricky".
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Lucy  with Joe and Mike
Ricky with Joe and Mike
Jamestown NY gift center
Herein lies Joe's claim to fame.  A few short months of nationally aired television time that he and his brother cannot even remember!  The few stories and clippings that they still have are only due to the things they learned from their mother from her point of view before she passed away.
So there you have it.  It was not a poor income for two little toddlers at the time!  They were able to put away their earnings for savings that helped with their educations, missions, and down payments on their first homes.
But this show was before residuals were paid, and thus is able to be aired worldwide without the fees most sitcoms today would require.  That may be partially why  it has become even more well-known and seen than it would otherwise likely have done.  Great classics and comedy that almost everyone has seen at one time or another in their lifetime!
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