Clean energy with 100% Electric Power
Getaround Rentals

Fully charged and ready to go when you pick it up.  These cars require no fuel other than electricity.  Average 85 miles on a charge depending on weight carried, accessories used, grade of roads.
Try out an all electric mini car and experience the fun and freedom of a quiet ride around town!  Zippy and roomy, these little cars will make your errands FUN!  Large capacity cargo area in back holds so much!

Each car comes with a charging unit and assorted accessories such as first aid kit, window cleaner,  a BLINK card in case of emergency for recharging at local units, etc. 

Give it a test drive and see how much fun and freedom driving in town can really be!

These cars are perfect for in-town errands and travel on local streets.  Freeway travel is not recommended.
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