Homestead at one time incorporated a program which kept track of favorite websites on the webpages for you.  As this program is no longer available, I have attempted to incorporate my own version of this below by listing some of the website favorites we have come across that might be of particular interest to a wide variety of age groups.  ENJOY!
Please let us know if you find dead links as we are aware of the ever changing cycle of functional websites.  Note that these are NOT hot links which means you will have to copy and paste them into your web browser window to open them.

One of my PET PEEVES is the proliferation of JUNK email that is meant to "warn" or scare people into action and is usually fraudulent information.  PLEASE check for validity before forwarding these on and on and on and on.....

HOAX CHECKERS:       (health-related scams)    
(verify inspiring tales and pleas for help)


JUST A BIT WEIRD & WACKY:  (This is a really LONG URL but funny for adults.)

"Grand Parent" LINKS

Place your mouse over the text and Click until you have highlighted the entire URL.  Then paste into your web browser search window and click enter.  Enjoy! (some  web addresses are more than one line long.)

And some more:

The WORLD WIDE WEB is a fabulous galaxy of information at the fingertips.  But there is SO MUCH out there, that I thought I'd give a few websites here to get you started on your own quest for knowledge and fun.  The trick is to put words into your search engine (I use GOOGLE) that will not bring up garbage that you definitely DON't WANT.    Be quick on your keys and be CAREFUL!  ALWAYS USE A GOOD ANTI-VIRUS PROGRAM! These have all been checked for dead links and viruses when page was created,
12 June 2005.
REMEMBER this is only a very tiny sampling of the many things you can do and learn on the internet!
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