Kandle and Chris were married  9 October 1999 in the Portland, Oregon temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  They currently are working on making their universe together.
Wedding Day photo
Wedding party
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.Beginning their journey together in life with lots of friends being included along the way!  Kandle and Chris met through a mutual friend, Sabrina Bailey, and continued their friendship while Chris served a mission for their church in Spanish speaking Ventura, California.
Kandle Michelle Ruth Salway was born April 5, 1978 in Albany, OR.  She attended two years at Pleasant Valley Preschool, followed by kindergarten through second grade at Oak Heights Elementary in Sweet Home.  She attended grades three and four at Sweet Briar Elementary in Troutdale, finishing her elementary career at Peter Boscow in Hillsboro.  She then went to Poynter Junior High and graduated from Glencoe High.
Kandle is an outgoing, vivacious person who loves adventure, people and FUN.  The year she was in fourth grade she took her second year of piano lessons, learned basic violin in school, and participated in after-school ballet and gymnastics.  She continued to take ballet at Oregon Ballet Theater when her family moved to Hillsboro, but decided she much preferred gymnastics.  She competed in gymnastics and helped as an assistant coach until the summer of her sophomore year in high school.  Her junior year she was a varsity cheerleader.  During the summer after her sophomore year she visited Japan for two weeks with a high school tour.  She graduated from East West College of the Healing Arts in September 1998 and passed her state exams in November and December to become a licensed massage therapist.   She is currently employed in her profession in Corvallis.  She has recently stopped work for PetCo, inspite of loving animals as she does.  She married Christopher Battrick on October 9th, 1999 and lives with him and their menagerie of pets. They have moved to an apartment in Albany and have a beautiful daughter added to their family.on March 28, 2002.   Willow now occupies her mother's time and heart while she pursues her career and other interests, including at present, belly dancing and show horse rider training.
On stage together
In costume
Participating in a community play of CINDERELLA together.
Kandle at work
Kandle loves animals., and it has often been wondered if her medical career would end up in veterinary studies.

Kandle and Chris have had the opportunity to make many memories together already and having adventures daily.  They spent their honeymoon on a cruise to the Caribbean and have been busily involved in a number of financial endeavors to get careers started.  Chris is currently in the National Guard leaving in February 2001 to complete  his basic training in Fort Benning, GA.  He is enrolled in the infantry.  He serves one weekend per month in the National Guard. He currently works for a local funeral home.
First Christmas together
Our Nativity
My name is Christopher John Battrick and I've always wanted to make people happy.  I was born December 30th, 1977, in a tiny little town in central / eastern Oregon.  John Day managed to keep me excited for a while, but by the time I was two weeks old, I'd convinced my parents to move me and my older brother to Dad's hometown of LaGrande.  That's where my little sister was born a couple of years later, and where my parents had met, fallen in  love, and grown their first roots.
La Grande holds special memories for me and I 've returned almost every summer since we moved to Pendleton when I was four.  We moved again to Corvallis where I turned five, and though we skipped around a lot, we've never left the floor of the Willamette Valley yet.
I attended Adams, Harding, and Hoover Elementary Schools, Western View Middle School, and both Corvallis and Crescent Valley High Schools, where I excelled in making friends, diversifying and having many interests and talents, and getting very high test scores and very low GPA's.
I've always been highly motivated in networking and my communtiy but underdeveloped in consistent personal achievement.  I dabble a lot and lack serious study habits, but with all my many faults, I've gotten along all right.  I'm all about family, especially my sweetheart, Kandle, and music, arts, and the outdoors.
I love God and my country.  I was a mediocre Boy Scout but am making myself out to be an excellent National Guardsman.  I love history, psychology, literature, and am an avid martial artist.  I speak spanish fluently and have studied Japanese and hope to master it someday.  Currently I'm flirting with French, absorbing German, and comprehending Latin.  Life is good.
Followng are the only dates other than my birthday which I can remember:  I got my GED January 23rd, 1997, served a full-time service mission in California for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints from May 28th, 1997 to June 9th, 1999.  I was engaged to my lovely bride on June 18th, and we were sealed for time and all eternity in the Portland, OR temple October 9th, 1999,( though our marriage license mistakenly records it as September).
I started my own home business June 30th, 2000 and have been more positive ever since!  I love being affiliated with Quixtar and having the convenience and excitement of an internet enterprise blooming all around me as I give my best efforts to a a revolutionary business project.  I worked most recently  for the Phonenix Inn Hotel chain training as Assistant Manager for the Albany Hotel.while being on-call with DeMoss-Durham Funeral Home.  I also worked part time for Hewlett-Packard and Jack in the Box.  I am currently serving in the National Guard, having completied my basic training in Fort Benning, GA at the end of May.2001.  My full-time position is currently  with DeMoss-Durham Funeral Home.  My National Guard unit h\was been called up and left October l3th for further training in Colorado before being shipped overseas to Iraq for a minimum of one year "rotation" service.  Due to knee        surgery two weeks prior, I was one of five in the        unit who  were dismissed from           this  active duty and will remain in a unit out of Eugene for weekend drills while my unit is out.

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Our Daughter
Bungeee Jumping together
The Battrick's have moved to California where Chris is pursuing his education and currenlty acting as Funeral Director in a small, newly built funeral home .
They are expecting their second daughter in early September of 2005.